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Web and Catalogue shots


Most of the product work I do is web and catalogue work where the client wants strong, clear images on a white background to fit best in their context. Simple images, consistent across a product range can give a website or catalogue a clean, professional look and allows the user to see the product easily. The following are a few of the clients that I have worked with.



Jones Interiors


I was employed by Jones to photograph the missing shots from current and upcoming product ranges they needed in order to complete their catalogue and update their website. They required sporadic shots over a period of months in order to meet budget and to work with available samples.

The shots needed to be on a keyed out white background to fit in the context of both their printed catalogue and e-commerce website.


jones 3 jones 1 jones 2 poles

Steiner, Suprabeam


A one-off commision to photograph an updated  model of Their flagship head-torch for marketing. They specifically wanted a shot on a white background with reflection for use on the packaging alongside close up shots to show the features of the device. Working with product I used copper wire to give the item shape and a set-up that allowed for subtle non invasive (and most importantly for me, real reflections, fake reflections in product photography is one of my pet peeves.) reflections of the product.


headtorch parts

Chic Sunglasses


Chic sunglasses sell predominately on ebay as well as there own dedicated wholesale website.  I’ve worked with Chic over the last 3 years to shoot new products as and when they begin to sell them. Initially I was given the brief of matching the style of their previous artwork in terms of lighting and positioning so I worked with them to develop their product range whilst maintaining a consistent style.


yellow compositefeat web_MG_1136asports all quarter left



Over the last year Chic’s product range has included magnets alongside what was previously only sun and reading glasses.



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