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It’s always a pleasure to work with artists to capture their work so they can show it off to it’s best. Whether it’s with people just starting out in their craft or with years of experience.



Anna Collette Hunt


Anna Collette Hunt, what you get if you cross a crazy entemoligist with an even crazier cermic artist, asked me to shoot some of her work in a style that would compliment her previous shots. On these shots I focused on the background avoiding keying out the white of the background to give a soft look and avoid a catalogue shot feel. You can see more of Anna’s work at


_MG_6095 copy candles 2 candle_MG_6391 copy

The following few images were taken for a feature on the anthropologie blog, they requested some images to accompany the piece so we headed out to Sherwood Forest to get some shots and to forage.

anthropologie06  anthropologie

Lydia Thomas – Dementia Blankets


Lydia was just starting to sell her pieces and was in need of some product shots to go alongside her first lot of advertising. I took shots that highlighted some of the details and some overall shots of the entire product for her to use in her initial marketing.

Lydia Thomas-461 Lydia Thomas-38 Lydia Thomas-16 Lydia Thomas-18 Lydia Thomas-42

Mari Fisher Glass


I worked with Mari as she was graduating from NTU and needed some photos of her work for future marketing and to promote herself at the degree show, new designers. She wasn’t sure what she wanted from the product photos so I worked using a variety of techniques to give a range of looks to choose from. As her work was kiln formed glass it was great fun to play with the light passing through it to create some stunning shots.


marifisher-9 marifisher-1 marifisher-16 marifisher-3 marifisher-7

Dave Humphreys – Cardboard City


Dave had a love for the seventies and the elegance and creativity of Danish style. He created laser cut fluted plastic and cardboard lighting. We utilised simple elements we worked together to source to reflect his theme.

IMG_0027 gdrhddhfh IMG_0011IMG_0041 IMG_0727

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